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Business Process Execution (BPX) to Reduce Workforce Challenges

Client: National Oil and Gas Company
A national energy company was experiencing severe workforce challenges in its Accounting function.

The Challenge:

The company was unable to attract and retain Accounting talent consistently, and high turnover and extended timelines to fill open accounting roles was putting its ability to adequately complete its accounting responsibilities at risk.

The Solution:

Eliassen Group utilized its Business Process Execution function to understand resource requests and expectations and agree on solutions and requirements for the new roles. We also leveraged our customized talent sourcing excellence toolkit to accomplish the following:

  • Hire and onboard top talent specific to each role
  • Identify top consultants for potential transition to client FTE permanent employment
  • Backfill consultants that convert to FTE with new consultants to replenish the talent pipeline and ensure sustained capacity

The Result:

Our efforts stabilized the client's workforce, resulting in almost no turnover of consultant talent in 2 years, as only 1 consultant exited the program. The client also converted more than 5 consulting resources to FTE in the first year, based on exceptional performance.

Overall, we reduced time to fill for both FTE and consulting roles from 90-120 days to a new average of 31 days for FTE roles, and we enabled rapid, high quality, and consistent response to a variety of talent acquisition needs across the CFO organization.

Highlighted Results

  • Successful stabilization of the workforce
  • Reduced time to fill for both FTE and consulting roles from 90-120 days to a new average of 31 days for FTE roles

Thinking Forward

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