Rebuilding the Core Infrastructure of a Mobile Gaming App

Client: Global Gaming Company
One of the world’s largest gaming companies, with a massive presence both offline and online, has a mobile application that encourages social gaming. This application includes a large catalog of games and social experiences, including game lobbies, leaderboards, statistics, payment systems, and more.

The Challenge:

The client is a global gaming company that developed their expansive application (app) over the course of two years. The client developed two separate apps for iOS and for Android. Due primarily to a combination of web views and native code, the apps were slow to load, crashed often, and were inconsistently documented.

The Solution:

Eliassen Group was chosen as the trusted partner on this project, joining the engineering group to prototype a cross-platform long-term solution. Using React Native, we rebuilt the core infrastructure of the underlying application, which involved everything from device identification and audio handling to connections and core OS services. We then integrated this new infrastructure with the existing game software and social features.

The Result:

The improvements to the customer experience were apparent immediately. There was an instant reduction in crash rates, significant improvement in startup time and time-to-first-play, and an uptick in positive reviews. We are rebuilding features that were done as standard web views into React Native, improving functionality and performance.