about us

Honor, Quality, & Appreciation

We respect our people
We create an atmosphere that fosters teamwork, excellence, leadership, and transparency where dedicated and intelligent people can thrive and grow.
We strive for excellence.
We pursue excellence in everything we do with a passion for innovation, ingenuity, creativity, and a desire to learn, teach, and grow.
We operate with integrity.
We uphold the highest ethical standards and strive to positively impact lives through our business practices and our philanthropic efforts.
We deliver results.
We focus on providing strategic solutions tailored to our partners’ unique needs, exceeding expectations through diligent listening and understanding.

Our Cultural Initiatives

Eliassen Group supports a number of cultural initiatives across our organization and in our communities. Our values shape every aspect of our company and help us create an honest, inclusive, equitable, and community-focused organization that serves all of our members. Our purpose guides our evolving business and our exceptional service to our valued clients.


CLEAR Culture

CLEAR culture is our internal program dedicated to supporting a transparent and collaborative work environment.

CLEAR Culture fosters an enjoyable and successful workplace atmosphere that emphasizes Collaboration, Listening, Engagement, Adaptation, and Respect.

CLEAR Culture exists to create an environment of trust, where every individual feels safe being open and honest.

CLEAR Culture means teammates treat each other with kindness and receive respect and understanding in return.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe it is crucial to involve and empower marginalized groups and recognize the worth and dignity of all people.

We strive to cultivate an inclusive workplace environment that practices respect for the talents, beliefs, and backgrounds of all employees.

Eliassen Group is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce through learning, leadership involvement, and cross-organizational engagement.

All Eliassen employees are encouraged to join our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council whose mission is to promote our DE&I values through company-wide events and engagement and learning opportunities.



EmpowHer goes beyond career mentorship, we create opportunities for growth and lasting confidence in all team members.

EmpowHer inspires our talented members to release their self-doubt, increase their bravery, and support their fellow female team members. 

All genders are encouraged to participate so that we can better transform antiquated ideas surrounding women in the workforce.

EmpowHer’s goal is to transform our institution to positively impact the lives of our employees, clients, consultants, and our community.


Eliassen Group Cares

The Philanthropy Fund is an employee and company-funded program that gives back to the community through charitable organizations.

Our mission is to positively impact the communities we serve through charitable contributions of time, money, and resources.  

In 2020 $65K was donated to 56+ non-profits from Eliassen Group Employees. 

Eliassen Group also offers employees the opportunity to Devote-A-Day to serve their community.


Mentorship Program

Mentees are paired with mentors who can address their specific professional needs and goals.
Monthly training and personal growth mentorship sessions provide ongoing opportunities for learning and development.
Our goal is to promote cross-functional collaboration and break down silos.

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