Reducing Platform Support Costs and Increasing Productivity with Eliassen Managed Services


Eliassen Group helps a Healthcare company reduce platform staffing costs by 50%—while sparking quality turnaround—with 35% less MSP overhead.


Flawed support compromised production and future focus.

Our client, a $1B+ Healthcare plan company, depends on its integration and infrastructure platform for claims adjudication, enrollment, provider inquiries and other core business activities.

Internal IT resources were stretched thin and impacted by accumulated MSP (Managed Services Provider) vendor and quality control issues. For example:

  • Expert knowledge and leadership were unavailable or delayed during critical production outages and planning sessions. (The MSP required formal requests and planning for each separate issue).
  • No proactive middleware license plan or system monitoring was in place, while there were numerous platform inefficiencies.
  • No automation: Administration was manual, labor- intensive and error prone.


Eliassen Group implements efficient, proactive support model.

By partnering with Eliassen Group, the company now has a priority-based administrative support model is in place, with 35% less overhead than the previous MSP.

Key advantages of the Eliassen Group Managed Services offering include:

  • Eliassen Group's single-point-of-contact management plan is different than a typical MSP, with a queue for every production issue triage. Time is spent resolving issues and addressing strategic priorities—not on management overhead.
  • Service delivery ramps up or down based on the client’s business needs.
  • Real-time access to a bench of certified experts with a 24x7 incident support system.
  • Outage protection extended with automation across all integration software deployments, database administration, and artifact gathering for product updates.
  • A new monitoring and alerting system in the Production and User Testing environments directs the right priority alerts to the right people at the right time for unprecedented efficiencies.

Benefits to the Healthcare company included:

  • Reduced administrative staffing cost by 50% FTEs
  • 24x7 expert-level support eliminated down-time from lack of knowledge oversight
  • Upgrades and licenses managed across four software deployments for compliance with 35% less MSP overhead