Driving Strategy, Planning, and Buy-In Through Business Capability Modeling

Learn how a Beverage company optimizes its IT solution investments, improve alignment, increase agility, and empower their teams for better business outcomes.

Enterprise Architecture Success Story

Learn how a Beverage company leveraged Eliassen Group’s EA expertise to optimize its IT solution investmentsimprove alignmentincrease agility, and empower their teams for better business architecture outcomes.

Business Challenge

A Digital Strategy and Aggressive Automation Opportunity

With 250 locations spanning 50 countries, a large global beverage and brewing company was faced with challenges achieving consistent automation across its operations. While brewery automation was occurring at many levels, it was very localized with hundreds of different technology solutions and vendors.

As a result of this technical diversity, the company struggled with higher complexity, and silos of data that prevented the effective use of modern analytics.


After gaining a more in-depth understanding of the company’s processes, technologies, and goals, Eliassen Group worked closely with the company’s digital strategy team to develop a business capability model for brewing, packaging, and vertical operations. 

This model was then linked into the company’s existing process frameworks and KPIs, enabling effective benefit and financial impact analyses.