Eliassen Group Helps a Major University Support Medical School Graduates with a Learning Management System


Eliassen Group helped a leading university medical school create a vast, searchable database to support their students and doctors in litigation related to their training and skills.

The Challenge:

Each day, medical professionals make life and death decisions. Their patients and their loved ones depend upon these doctors to be well trained, knowledgeable, and up to date on treatments and anticipated outcomes.

Unfortunately, when the results aren’t entirely as expected, the situation is not only tragic but fraught with legal entanglements. Hefty awards for perceived malpractice drive up the rates for insurance and are reflected in spiraling medical costs.

One of the largest universities in the US realized the need to support their medical school students and graduates with proof of their learning—a difficult task that requires the consolidation of curriculums for numerous courses and on-site training, and the development of techniques to search according to highly specific and specialized criteria. The task is made even more complex as new developments and learning rapidly alter medical education.

Because university leaders realized the importance of supporting their medical school and the students they teach, they sought the help of experts in the development of Learning Management Systems (LMS). Their goal was to ensure that lawyers could defend their clients – graduates of the university – through the detailed confirmation of their medical school training.

As overseers of a renowned public university, the administrators wanted to provide support for their students and graduates, but they were deeply concerned about cost control. They had been investing a substantial amount of money and resources into their existing antiquated system that, unfortunately, couldn’t keep pace with rapid advancements in medical education.

What used to take two years in class and two years in clinical work had expanded to an 80/20 split. Skills had become increasingly specialized, and advancements were occurring every day.

The challenge the university faced was to provide litigation-driven research that required tracking education coverage related to very specialized medical skills. It would need to:

  • Consolidate all medical school class curriculums
  • Consolidate teaching derived from clinical experiences
  • Monitor individual student’s classes, grades, and clinical experiences
  • Establish a searchable database that includes detailed threads for specific disciplines
  • Deliver accurate reports for use by legal professionals

Trusting an Experienced Partner

Because the university did not have the internal skills and expertise to manage this initiative on its own, the university engaged the Eliassen Group Application Development team to collaborate with the university medical school administrators and IT professionals.

The Eliassen Group team is renowned for its expertise in connecting and consolidating databases and applying deep analytics to extract accurate, valuable information from them. The team is also prized for developing intuitive interfaces that deliver fulfilling user experiences.

Two Eliassen Group developers and one business analyst were dedicated to the assignment, with a lead technical manager directing the three-year project.

The Transformation

Eliassen Group was challenged to deliver a platform that would help the medical school adapt to modern reporting requirements. Our specialized LMS team developed a way to extract information from the curriculum database and education records of past and current students and deliver the entire Learning Management System (LMS) in record time.

Our clients reported that they were extremely impressed by the efficiency and speed with which our team was able to complete the project.


Eliassen Group consultants created a full-fledged online delivery platform for the medical school’s classes and curriculum. Consolidating information from a variety of sources, it tracks education coverage for specialized medical skills. The new Learning Management System:

  • Can be easily accessed by 20,000 total remote users
  • Efficiently handles 1,000+ concurrent users
  • Can be searched according to specific disciplines
  • Delivers information based on threads that tie together medical specialties across the curriculum.