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Agile Advisory Services to Deliver a Custom-Designed Implementation Program of Lean/Agile Workflow Methodologies

Client: Global Asset Management Firm
The client is a long-running global asset management firm uniquely diversified in delivering specialized capabilities across a spectrum of equity, fixed income, liquidity and alternative investments. The client’s long history as a leader in its field has led to great success; however, its internal workflow processes are steeped in outdated practices and strategies.

The Challenge:

The client, a global asset management firm, aimed to increase revenue, deliver faster to market, and address their workflow roadblocks by adopting a lean approach to aligning Sales, Affiliate Relations, and Compliance. This approach would manage project flow by limiting the amount of works-in-progress, thereby narrowing focus and preventing late-term and excessive context switching. Despite the client’s interest in executing a new type of workflow model, they simply did not possess the knowledge, expertise, and bandwidth to begin the process of implementation.

The Solution:

The client chose to partner with Eliassen Group’s Agile Practice due to our reputation in the client’s market as a local leader in the delivery of Agile services. The partnership began as an advisory services engagement that initially involved the completion of a Business Agility assessment. Eliassen Group executed this assessment by delivering an on-site Agile Delivery Lead, who processed the client’s day-to-day internal workflows and then designed a personalized roadmap of how they could most effectively and efficiently introduce Lean/Agile principles to their teams. Now that Eliassen Group has successfully delivered a presentation of the findings and recommendations to the client’s leadership team, the client’s next step will be to employ additional support from EG to implement the established plan.

The Result:

The client is excited to utilize Eliassen Group’s recommended plan of action in introducing Lean/Agile practices to their workflows and establishing an entirely new working model. The client is now prepared to move forward with in-practice implementation, with the help of Eliassen Group’s consultation services, and will rely on the recommendations of the Business Agility assessment to do so.

Highlighted Results

  • An Agile Delivery Lead was deployed to build a bespoke roadmap of Lean/Agile implementation, designed specifically to accommodate for the client’s unique workflows and demands
  • The client’s leadership team was provided with a thorough presentation of findings and recommendations pertinent to minimizing the disparity between its current practices and ultimate objectives vis-à-vis project methodologies

Thinking Forward

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