What Makes a Successful Relationship Between Consultants & Recruiters?

Eliassen Group experts share what they feel makes for a successful consultant recruiter relationship. Find out how to work well together.

As a consultant, you’re probably already aware the potential benefits of working with a consultant recruiter who can field opportunities and organize interviews. When one contract is coming to an end, they can simplify the process of finding your next great job. But what can you expect from a successful consultant recruiter relationship? This blog post includes insights from Scott Hampoian, Eliassen Group’s Senior Vice President of Sales, as well as some of Eliassen Group’s top recruiters, who weigh in on what makes them successful in their jobs.

When It Comes to the Job Search, Consultants Have Options

With strong demand for IT talent in the industry today, consultants in the technology space have options. According to TechServe Alliance1, there were over 5.4 million IT jobs in January of 2022. Many of these jobs are offered through staffing companies like Eliassen Group, where a recruiter will work on a specific opening and reach out to candidates that could be a good fit for the role.
With the state of the market, candidates are likely to have multiple opportunities available to them, with recruiters reaching out from all directions. That said, it only takes one good recruiter to become familiar with a candidate’s experience and preferences, developing an efficient working relationship. Working together proactively, the consultant will not only be more likely to have continuous employment, but also develop the most important skills for their industry, that they want to use most in their career.
“The consultant experience is one area that Eliassen Group truly excels in,” says Scott Hampoian, Eliassen Group’s Senior Vice President of Sales. “Our NPS score is similar to brands well-known for their customer satisfaction, such as Southwest and The Ritz-Carlton.”

45% (1)

Figure 1 – Some of the highest NPS scores among popular brands 2

Consultant Recruiter Communication Is Key

When we asked Scott about what creates such a positive experience for Eliassen Group’s consultants, he emphasized communication within the consultant recruiter relationship, first and foremost. This begins from the time that a listing is created with an EG client. “We try to get as much information up front as we can, and then relay that information in a consistent, credible way,” says Scott. This allows recruiters to give consultants an accurate picture of the work they will be doing for the client, including how it might fit into their desires, greater goals, and career path.

This clear communication should continue throughout the entire relationship, from the first time the recruiter sends a job listing, to the very last piece of feedback on the last job that the consultant takes. “Consultants want this consistent communication, plus feedback – negative and/or positive,” Scott says. "It naturally leads to other aspects of work that consultants desire – continuous employment and an opportunity to increase their marketable skills.”
Scott also suggested that we speak with some of Eliassen Group’s top recruiters to get a sense of what makes for a positive consultant recruiter relationship, in their eyes. Here’s what they had to say in response to our questions:


What makes you successful in your relationships with consultants?

"What makes me successful in my relationships with my consultants is that I meet them on their level and really listen to their needs. I always ask people, “What’s most important to you in your next opportunity?” I also ask them what they love about their profession. I really love asking personable questions to help them open up. I stay in touch with them throughout the recruiting process and always text, email, or call on Fridays whether or not I have an update for them.

People really appreciate clear communication. I answer their questions honestly and openly, and I never beat around the bush. Once they’re actively working with one our clients, I reach out on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to check in with them, and take note of personal things going on in their life (i.e., vacations, etc.)”

-Tatiana Timmins, Technical Recruiter

3 years with Eliassen Group

“First and foremost, as a recruiter I focus on listening to the candidate’s needs. Once we establish that we have an opportunity that is a match, I make sure I am keeping them well informed through the interview and onboarding process. It all starts with the small (but often) check-ins, and the relationship develops from there. Seeing the impact of my work on someone else’s life when they are advancing in their career, buying a home, getting married, and forming a family is huge. The consultant’s success is my success also.”

-Paula Poeta, Technical Recruiter

6 years with Eliassen Group

“The first interaction with a potential consultant is the most important, so you really want to listen, ask questions, and listen some more (take good notes -- they are more valuable tomorrow than today). Once the placement is made, I try to be accessible and responsive; moreover, I believe that the consultants trust me. It’s also important to anticipate questions before they arise (i.e., payroll, benefits, background check, equipment).

-Adam Stillman, Senior Recruiter / Team Lead

24 years with Eliassen Group



How does Eliassen Group facilitate quality recruiter consultant relationships?

Eliassen Group is a people-first company, which I really like. We put an emphasis on cultivating strong relationships. I know I can always count on my team to show the same kind of service to my candidates as I do if I am ever in need of assistance. I also love how involved the Account Executives are with my candidates/consultants. We work together as a team.

-Tatiana Timmins, Technical Recruiter

3 years with Eliassen Group

The CAP Program establishes a framework for recruiters to follow and as a result of that I am in constant contact with my consultants. I believe the consultant/recruiter relationship is the cornerstone to my success and getting to know my consultants on a personal level is a gift. The program shares with recruiters important dates and also sends consultants care packages on our behalf. To have the support of the Consultant Care Team has allowed me to focus on new business while still taking care of the consultants that I have on billing.

-Paula Poeta, Technical Recruiter

6 years with Eliassen Group

The Consultant Advocate Program (CAP) has been wonderful. If a consultant reaches out to Laura C. in the CAP Program, she is quick to alert us to any issues and/or help out when she can. Scheduled texts, via Sense, makes it easier to stay in touch with consultants and help limit surprises, especially with those consultants who have been with us for a while. Lastly, the fact that our Account Executives are also involved in the process is great. It provides another option if the recruiter is on vacation and a consultant needs to get in touch.

-Adam Stillman, Senior Recruiter / Team Lead

24 years with Eliassen Group

Hear Directly from the Recruiter’s Consultants

“I have worked with many recruiters over two decades at my craft; Tatiana is by far one of the best. She is not interested in placing a body in the door, and then saying "Next." She follows up with her candidates after placement and lets them know they are valued throughout the engagement. I believe that she would go to bat for any candidate she believed in should they come up against obstacles. Also, she worked with me on the interviewing process as I was rusty after having had my own business for many years. This action speaks volumes as well.”

Jacqueline E., Consultant

“I think the most important aspect of the consultant recruiter relationship is that she cared about me as a person and not just as someone who filled a role and then moved on. Tatiana checked in on me from time to time to see how things were going, and always offered help even if it wasn't needed. I've never had that experience with a recruiter before, and it made me feel supported and gave me faith that if anything did go sideways with the client or with internal Eliassen processes that we'd be able to work together on a solution. The real way to boil this down is that she was focused on building a relationship / partnership with me and I wasn't just a transaction. That little change of focus makes all the difference!”

Todd S., Consultant

“Working with Tatiana doesn't seem like "work" at all. Tatiana not only got to know me professionally, she genuinely took an interest in who I am as a person. I believe that by her crafting a more personable working relationship between us, she was able to find a nearly perfect role and team for me. I'm confident that she has helped to set me up for success.”

Michelle C., Consultant


[Paula ]found and reached out to me, coordinated my interview, negotiated a higher salary for me, and made sure all of my questions were answered in a timely fashion. Even if she didn't have the answer right away, she let me know she was tracking down an answer and got back to me. Very grateful to have met her.

Bryan M., Consultant


Paula checks up on me every few weeks to make sure I do not have any problems on my side. Any problems/questions I do have, she addresses them quickly and efficiently. She also checks with the client side to make sure they are happy with my work, and passes on their feedback to me. I have really enjoyed working with her and with Eliassen Group, and I highly recommend them for anyone who needs the help to be placed!

Nuzhat B., Consultant


[Adam was] always open to be contacted, even if it was a slightly odd hour, and would never hesitate to reach out to the appropriate person for me if he could not help me on his own. Very honest and transparent, just generally a good trustworthy guy to work with!

Keshav M., Consultant

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