Career Opportunity: Become a Technical Recruiter

Have you thought about a career as a technical recruiter? Eliassen Group's Resource Specialist Program will train you for recruiting success. Learn more.

Our clients and IT consultants know us as a premier tech staffing company with knowledgeable recruiters and an outstanding Consultant Advocate Program. But if you hadn’t noticed, there are no college or university programs surrounding the recruiting industry. Thus, it’s incumbent upon Eliassen Group to identify candidates who have strong potential for growth and leadership who are interested in the field of recruiting and then to provide them with a world-class training program that not only prepares them to become recruiters but also helps them to explore opportunities in sales and business development.

This training opportunity, known as the Resource Specialist Development Program, teaches young professionals about the recruiting business and, more importantly, what it means to be a great recruiter. Eliassen Group prides itself on delivering staffing solutions that deliver exceptional value for our clients and consultants which means that we partner closely with them and employ specific strategies to match the best talent with the right opportunities. By taking part in our Resource Specialist Program, recent college grads learn these techniques and then put them to use out in the field.

The program also enables participants to explore sales and business development opportunities in industries such as Life Sciences and Technology in the private sector, as well as within government agencies. And given that Eliassen Group has multiple locations, graduates of the Resource Specialist Program may be placed in our Wakefield, MA, Baltimore, MD, Dallas, TX, Raleigh, NC or Charlotte, NC offices.

Did You Know?

Average Earnings of a Technical Recruiter = $102,533

Average Earnings of an Account Executive = $155,311

Here’s what graduates of the Resource Specialist Program have to say…

“The Eliassen Group Resource Specialist Program dives right into hands-on learning from some of the top recruiters in the industry. It is a laid-back, fun environment with lots of friendly competition and the company really delivers on its promise of an open door policy that starts with the CEO and President. You can always feel free to ask a question about the program, recruiting or simply to talk about what they did that weekend. Eliassen Group is a great company that is growing exponentially!”

- Harry Washington, Graduate of Eliassen Group’s Resource Specialist Program

Are you interested in applying for our program or know someone who is? Our next Resource Specialist class will kick off on Monday, June 6th and we are currently accepting applications.