Risk Management in Banking: Case Studies

These case studies involving risk management in banking demonstrate how to handle complex situations successfully. Learn more today.

Risk Management in banking comes with a significant number of challenges, as banks must stay compliant with endlessly changing rules while making transactions seamless for customers. Eliassen Group is known for our considerable risk and compliance experience in the financial services industry, and we can support teams that must respond to Matters Requiring Attention (MRAs) and other regulatory actions. For proof, look no further than these recent case studies for two top 25 global banks.

Case Study #1: Deployment of Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Framework and Supporting Capabilities

To respond to regulatory actions and MRAs, this global bank needed to deploy an enhanced enterprise-level Risk Management Framework and supporting capabilities across all Front-Line Units with requirements that impacted all lines of business. This would be a daunting task for any company. Luckily, the client had worked with Eliassen Group in the past, and they knew that we could help them embed sustainable, repeatable controls into the client's processes.

The Result

We led the deployment of key Risk Management Framework process, system, and policy components across one of the lines of business. Not only did we meet immediate deadlines and go beyond expectations, but aspects of our approach were also adopted by all business groups across the enterprise. During the engagement, we successfully transitioned the program to new executive and workstream leadership as the client made broad organizational changes.

"We focus on helping our clients implement and execute their risk management program, which is why they continue to reach out to us when they need help," said Bill Gienke, Managing Director at Eliassen Group. "I am especially proud of how we collaborated with this client to prioritize and deliver a complex program that met evolving regulatory and internal requirements."


Case Study #2: End-to-End High Risk Client Review via the Enhanced Due Diligence Process To Meet Regulatory Requirements

A second global bank asked Eliassen Group for support with a different but equally difficult scenario – regulators required their wealth management division to improve its Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) reviews of high-risk customers. After working with Eliassen Group on key risk and compliance initiatives, the client knew that Eliassen Group had financial crimes experience and could help stand up a team to work on the backlog of reviews, train team members, handle quality assurance of risk assessments, make decisions to retain or exit customers, and build a sustainable business as usual process.

The Result

Eliassen Group made a powerful impact – the client upgraded their internal audit rating of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) within their Investment Division for the first time in several years. In addition, we achieved a 99% Quality Control pass rate, and we were recognized as a role model for other teams.

"We are in the business of becoming that trusted strategic partner building client relationships to stand the test of time because when our clients win, we all win," said Jay Gentile, Principal, Client Solutions, at Eliassen Group. "Our progressive delivery models are designed to ensure consistent, repeatable, and sustainable results across processes and teams."

Our in-depth knowledge and willingness to collaborate so we can ultimately train your team to stay on top of regulations help us stand out. Interested in hearing more? Contact us today.