Mobile and Web Application Development

Extend your application development capabilities with user-friendly web portals and lightweight mobile applications. Whether you need on-demand tracking for a company fleet or a quick way for field reps to communicate, lightweight mobile and web applications are key to keeping your entire organization on the same page.

Eliassen can help you build great mobile and web experiences.

Customer and partner demands are among the biggest drivers of change. You need to make sure your web portals and mobile applications exceed expectations, delivering with responsiveness and speed. We work with our customers to create responsive web applications, lightweight mobile experiences, and user-friendly web portals.

Extend Your Development Capabilities

You need fast, responsive, and flexible mobile and web applications. Eliassen Group can help you achieve your business goals by meeting and exceeding user expectations.

Web Application Development

Our teams can design and execute challenging projects, including responsive and single-page web clients, complex business logic, and scalable backend and database systems.

Web Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Our teams build some of the most business-critical apps in the world in financial services, medicine, travel, and several other industries.

Mobile Application Development

Responsive Web and Mobile Application Development

Whether you need a handful of developers to augment your team or a dedicated group of experts to plan and execute your vision, we work closely with your team to determine your specific capabilities and needs. 

Full picture of scope of work, timeline, and ROI
Expertise in multiple technologies and platforms
A dedicated team to plan, develop and test your application
Team members highly experienced in UX and UI
Testing and iterations to your satisfaction
Up-to-date security and compliance