Top 3 Benefits of IT Asset Management

Businesses will find three main benefits when leveraging IT asset management within their operations to handle their infrastructure. Learn more today.

Many organizations like having full control over their systems and assets. Governing your own technology setup can become complicated quickly by the sheer number of variables associated with active devices and software solutions, not to mention the new tools emerging on a frequent basis. Businesses will find three main benefits when leveraging IT asset management within their operations to handle their infrastructure:

1. Better Inventory Tracking

IT staff members have a number of critical tasks to address, from fixing issues to setting up new user protocols. With the amount of work that needs to be done, little time is left to keep inventory of everything within your infrastructure. ITAM services can accurately identify, track, and classify assets across vendors. This will provide a better picture of what assets are available and allow leaders to make decisions based on the current environment.

IT asset management must keep accurate inventory of hardware and software assets. IT asset management must keep an accurate inventory of hardware and software assets.

Organizations will want to pay attention to specific requirements and capabilities for each solution. Forbes contributor Christie Terrill noted that unique identifiers can be tied to other data. This information will define what tools are being used for upgrades, patches and access control as well as which services will complement existing processes. Monitoring all technology solutions is complex, but with IT asset management, organizations will be able to accurately and easily track their resources.

2. Improved Provisioning

If you don’t have a clear picture of what assets you currently have, it will be difficult to provision necessary functionality and ensure that all services are providing business value. TechTarget’s Alyssa Provazza noted examples of organizations that couldn’t account for software on their desktops and organizations that fell victim to shadow IT. ITAM grants clear insight into active endpoints and applications, supporting licensing, security, and compliance needs.

By using IT asset management, organizations can keep track of licenses and spin up available hardware to improve cost savings. A capable ITAM partner will be able to identify underperforming resources and recommend ways to bolster business capabilities. With this information, company leaders can support users with more valuable tools and discontinue outdated services.

“It’s essential to monitor any changes and alter the system to support these adjustments.”

3. Supported Hardware Configuration Monitoring

With so many devices within an organization, it’s difficult to track their needs and provision them all in exactly the same way. Over time, hardware and user requirements shift, which must be reflected in how businesses set up and supply resources. CIOReview noted that it’s essential to monitor any changes and alter the system to support these adjustments. This will help establish protocols for new equipment and track the configuration details for each hardware asset within the organization.

Configuration information is crucial for implementing software that will integrate seamlessly. Organizations can also use this data to quickly fix any issues that emerge. An ITAM partner will provide better visibility into your systems and keep running records to maintain consistency across your hardware. Adjust your configuration backups on a regular basis to reflect current needs and ensure you have the most updated version at your fingertips.

IT is complex, particularly when you count mobile devices and other emerging hardware and software trends. It’s difficult for internal professionals to track all of these assets while doing their jobs effectively. Teaming up with an ITAM provider will afford better visibility into available inventory, hardware configuration monitoring and improved provisioning. These benefits can help your business save on costs and support your employees with the best solutions.