Financial Services Case Study: Risk Management & Business Optimization

These case studies on Risk Management & Business Optimization show how Eliassen Group has helped the companies excel despite challenges. Learn more.

Organizations within the financial services industry must meet a staggering number of constantly shifting regulations to stay compliant – and they are nearly always on tight deadlines. That's where Eliassen Group comes in. As experts in Risk Management and Business Optimization, we take pride in helping our clients so they can focus on everything else they have to do. Here are two case studies on risk management that show how we've helped financial organizations navigate challenges and sleep a little easier at night.

Case Study ON RISK MANAGEMENT IN BUSINESS:Compliance and Regulatory System Implementation (Actimize System)

Our client is a payment processing company that supports more than one million merchants worldwide, and they were facing a deadline to deliver a global Actimize system implementation, which they needed to meet a regulatory requirement.

This situation led to a sudden increase in business complexity, combined with leadership turnover. As a result, they were not meeting the milestones that led up to the overall project deadline, which prompted them to reach out to Eliassen Group.


The Result

We stepped in with a team of program managers and financial crimes subject matter experts who built a new implementation roadmap. After only 4 weeks, the Actimize system was returned to green status.

"We get things done by bringing you the right people with the right solution at the right time. You do not need to worry when you work with us," said Mindy Diaz, Senior Vice President of Professional Services. "Our team will work hard to understand where you are and what you need in your journey."


Compliance and Regulatory System Implementation (Actimize)

The client was in the process of delivering a global Actimize implementation with critical deadlines due to pending regulatory requirements.


Business Optimization Case Study:Business Consulting to Support Operating Model Change and Global Restructuring

A different payment processing company brought Eliassen Group aboard to help transform its global operating model under a tight timeline. This was clearly a tremendous endeavor, but we assembled a team of project management experts, human resources SMEs, and other experts to analyze the impact of this change.


The Result 

After analysis of the situation, we built a transition plan and began executing it, resulting in a restructuring effort that took only 90 days. "We know how to bring people together to deliver consistent, high-quality results," said Jim Ryan, Managing Director, VP of Client Engagement. "Part of that consistency comes from our strong relationships with our consultants and the fact that we've often been in our clients' shoes."


Business Consulting to Support Operating Model Change and Global Restructuring

The client sought our help in the execution of a confidential initiative to transform its global operating model. We can find the talent you need to manage the most difficult of situations, and we have the knowledge to deliver on your requests – fast. If you are interested in more details about these case studies and how we can help you, contact us, or explore our Risk Management and Business Optimization pages.