A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

In this blog post, we learn what it's like to be a recruiter at Eliassen Group, and find out that no two days are exactly the same.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a recruiter at Eliassen Group?  Because our company offers a hybrid work model, no two recruiters’ days look exactly the same. In this blog post, we follow along with recruiters David Patterson, Principal Technical Recruiter and Mitchell Postle, Recruiting Director at Eliassen Group, to see what a typical day is like for each of them. 
As you’ll see, being a recruiter at Eliassen Group is a role that allows for great flexibility, collaboration, and work-life balance, as well as being a lucrative and fulfilling career choice. We invite you to follow along and see just why!

7 AM

Mitchell: My day starts at about 7 AM! I have a small hobby farm so I go out with a fresh cup of coffee and feed my cattle, get some fresh air, and get ready for an epic day of recruiting!




David: I typically pursue my hobbies before the work day begins, but I try to start my day with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Crossfit depending on the day. Getting challenged physically is huge for mood and productivity.


8:30 AM

Mitchell: Get to my desk. After catching up on emails, and getting assigned to a role to source on, I tackle the first wave of sourcing.

David: Get to my desk. Start checking ad replies and overnight requests from consultants. Start outbound calls to qualified candidates as soon as I handle any immediate issues from current consultants. At 8:45, I jump off for recruiter meeting. I collaborate with the team on headwinds, trends, best practices, etc.

9:30 AM

David: Finish recruiter meeting. Next, I return to sourcing. Intermingled is setting up interviews, conducting prep calls, and debriefing candidates after they speak with the client!

12 PM

Mitchell: Lunch. Usually, around 11 or 12 my 2-year-old son Callan comes in for a quick check-in before his afternoon nap.

David: Lunch. I typically eat with coworkers and try to avoid work-talk.

1 PM

Mitchell: Submits start to roll in in the second half of my day from the first half of the day sourcing efforts. Typically, I will be working with the account executives to insure that the candidates are being sent out, and hopefully setting up some interviews as well! I try to fit in a Peloton ride at some point in the afternoon too.

David: Back at it. At 1pm, I’ll tackle more sourcing intermingled with preps and debriefs for my candidates. This is where I speak with candidates individually about their conversations with the client!


5:30 PM

Mitchell: After work, I check on my cattle again, this time bringing along my 2-year-old son Callan, and 5-year-old son Deklan! We try to spend as much time outside as possible before it is too dark and it's time for dinner. I enjoy watching College Basketball, and NFL Football after work as well. After it's all over, and the kids are in bed my wife Kelsey and I typically watch our favorite Netflix shows until it's time for bed, and get ready to do it all over again the next day!





David: Wrapping up. I make sure ads are posted and I have an agenda for the following day to jump into in the morning. After work, we often have team building events to celebrate office performance – we did karaoke recently after work and it was a blast!




Thinking of becoming a recruiter?

Here's what Zach Hannon, Principal Recruiter in Agile and Technology, had to say:

"Every single day differs in the life of a recruiter. Samantha Uslan (Director of Recruiting, Eliassen Group) and I have joked countless times that you can always count on something new in staffing to surprise you. Unique scenarios present themselves regularly, and part of the fun is to problem solve your way through them – both independently as a Recruiter and building strategy through collaboration with your peers.

That being said, being a Recruiter allows you to prioritize your deliverables as you see fit. A saying we use often is – what is closest to the money (or the job placement)? Helping job seeking candidates get across the finish line is our priority, and that helps guide how we prioritize our days.

Any given morning is generally filled with interview preps with candidates, meeting candidates for the first time for active job positions, advancing candidates into suitable positions that meet their job search criteria, and putting creative thought into how we can find candidates that will meet the requirements of our active positions. I’m a big proponent of scheduling items on my calendar to help build focused attention towards delivery of that item. However, priorities can change in real-time and we adjust our prioritization and schedules accordingly."


In summary, a day in the life of a recruiter varies widely with some common elements such as sourcing, interviews, and calls with candidates. What would your day look like? To learn more about open roles with Eliassen Group, visit our careers page or look at our internal jobs. We're actively hiring, and you may just find the perfect role for you!