Kolby, Vice President of Development at Eliassen Group, brings over 25 years of IT consulting experience, with a focus on solution architecture and technology leadership for the past 15 years.

Since founding the App Dev Practice at Eliassen, Kolby has worked to build a culture that is passionate about the success of Eliassen’s clients. The Technology Consulting delivery teams work closely with customers to modernize their enterprise solutions and mature their IT organizations.

Kolby has been a long-term advocate of modern application development principles including agile SDLCs, increased test automation, and lightweight services/microservices. He has extensive experience with a variety of technologies, including the latest web and cloud-native solutions. His latest passion is the use of generative AI and how it can revolutionize the entire IT landscape.

Kolby has spearheaded over 100 high-impact application development projects, leading diverse teams of up to 50 engineers across global locations.

Kolby enjoys family time with his wife Danielle and their four adult children and gaming (from board games to the NFL). He’s a long-suffering Bengals fan and confidently says “just wait till next year!”