Elevate Your Supply Chain with IBM Sterling Solutions

Transform your business with IBM and Eliassen Group's AI-powered supply chain solutions. Accelerate operations and modernize applications seamlessly, whether in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid cloud deployments. Discover the future of intelligent supply chains today.

Simplify, accelerate, and optimize your supply chain and integration solutions

In the ever-evolving business landscape, having a smarter supply chain is no longer optional—it's a necessity. Partner with IBM and Eliassen to empower intelligent, agile supply chains. From simplifying partner onboarding to strengthening API and B2B/MFT collaboration, we optimize order fulfillment and fine-tune orders for precise delivery estimates.

Decades of IBM Sterling Supply Chain Mastery

As a distinguished IBM Platinum Business Partner, Eliassen boasts 20 years of expertise as a premier reseller and implementer. Offering prebuilt assets, diverse deployment options, and comprehensive services, we optimize IBM Sterling Supply Chain solutions. Our leadership in this realm ensures organizations collaborate seamlessly, overcoming system, format, and protocol disparities.

Supply Chain Solutions and Consulting Services

Top rated reseller and implementor of the IBM Sterling Supply Chain suite, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, Transaction Manager, Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN), Sterling Order Management in addition to providing ai-powered supply chain insights with IBM Watson.


Eliassen's B2B Framework: B2B operations for peak performance 

Optimize IBM Sterling B2B Integrator— up to 70% faster time to implement and 30% more cost-efficient to operate. We provide individualized, self-service dashboards to help spot issues, identify trends, and prevent costly delays and disruptions. 


Tailored Industry Solutions for Optimal Performance

Explore specialized IBM Sterling Supply Chain solutions for retail, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. We prioritize privacy, security, and compliance in business transactions and transmissions.


IBM Sterling Suite: Leading Integration and Orchestration Solutions

Elevate your operations with the IBM Sterling suite—a global leader in integration, B2B, MFT collaboration, and order fulfillment. Infused with AI and blockchain, it provides fast, seamless, and secure connectivity, end-to-end visibility, improved governance, digitization, automation, real-time intelligence, and embedded AI capabilities that enables:

Fast, seamless, and secure B2B and MFT connectivity
End-to-end visibility and transparency
Improved governance and control
Digitization and automation of manual processes
Real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations
Embedded AI capabilities that accelerate, analyze, and automate