Enterprise Agility, Product, & Program Delivery

Respond to change quickly, do more with less, and outpace your competition. We can help you achieve these goals through our focus on continuous improvement, customer value, and reduced operating expenses. We’ll partner with you to enhance your Business Agility and outcomes, building modern capabilities for success in a constantly evolving landscape.

Why Choose Eliassen Group?

We tailor our approach to address your unique concerns, through the use of Agile and Lean principles. Systems thinking is at the heart of our approach. We recognize that new ways of working often require multiple behavioral and process changes across an organization. We work with you to identify gaps in your capabilities and support you in implementing change, ensuring you can reliably and effectively meet your goals. Our strong relationships with seasoned consultants enable us to rapidly scale to meet your evolving needs.

What You Can Expect from Us

Our services are all about customization and flexibility, and whatever service you choose, you can be sure we will provide a client-specific, solution-focused approach throughout the engagement. Also, while we manage the team's communication, plan, and schedule, you are always in control of the overall initiative.

What You Can Expect from Us

Our Services

At Eliassen Group, we leverage our extensive experience and expertise to help you achieve these advancements:

Product Management: Increase customer value by developing the capability to build the right things and ensuring ongoing product relevance, with a strong focus on customer centricity and clear outcome measurement.

Strategy Execution: Marshal critical resources to focus on your highest priority work, align teams to the most important value streams, and ensure that performance management aligns with your strategic objectives through OKRs.

Lean Portfolio Management: Adapt to changing markets by shortening investment windows and making data-driven investment decisions, all while balancing demand and capacity.

Agile Delivery and Coaching: Embrace lean and Agile methodologies to foster a high-performance culture, improve predictability, decrease waste, and increase staff engagement, all underpinned by effective change management

Tooling Design and Implementation: Ensure tooling supports critical roles and tasks through a deep understanding of essential tasks and simplifying tool usage to prioritize these items. Implement an incremental approach to rollout to test designs and ensure they meet user needs effectively.

Project & Program Management: Ensure the most important projects have the ingredients for success and address typical issues before they become major problems. Our focus on rapidly identifying and mitigating risks, combined with our ability to rally leaders to provide effective support, ensures project success.

How it Works

Our customized delivery approach takes three forms: Fully formed Agile delivery teams, Business Process Execution (BPx), and deliverable-based projects.  


Learn and Describe

We gather information about your organization through interviews, observations, and artifact reviews. We then present our findings to ensure our understanding aligns with your perspective and provide education on related key concepts.

Align and Cocreate

We collaborate with your leadership to define success, establish measurement criteria, outline the initial roadmap, and set up the governance model. Together, we create a detailed backlog to guide the work based on the agreed direction.

Execute Incrementally

We implement the roadmap and backlog with regular checkpoints to demonstrate progress and make necessary adjustments.