OneStream Implementation for an Investment Management Company

Client: Privately held American corporation investing in several verticals
The portfolio of this large, privately held corporation includes companies in several verticals, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical packaging, life sciences, and other resources.

The Challenge:

When the client turned to Eliassen Group, they needed help with the replacement of their current consolidations system -- Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) application -- along with the Excel reporting process and gathering of supplemental data. The client also needed help with the following:

  • Forecasting and budgeting consolidation of results and flexible seeding requirements
  • A solution to support multiple companies’ reporting structures and processes
  • The acquisition and divestiture of companies with various currencies, including capturing pro forma data for historical comparison purposes and cashflow
  • The tracking of fund investments for the month, QTD, YTD, and inception to date, along with related KPI reporting including chart and graph needs for leadership delivery
  • Assist multiple operating companies who have manual processes so they can report their data to the client

The Solution:

Eliassen Group implemented OneStream to allow for various data inputs via import, forms, and journals to accommodate various data sources and file formats of different operating companies. We also handled the following:

  • Leveraged the data management processes within OneStream to allow for additional flexibility with forecasting and budgeting
  • Utilized the flow dimension to capture additional requirements for pro forma data, plus specific cash flow and FX impact calculations
  • Set up scenarios, data management processes, and transformation rules to accommodate the need for acquisition and divestiture reporting

The Result:

As part of this process, we also accomplished the following:

  • Separated the cube, flows, entities, and accounts set up for fund investment tracking to allow for multiple view requirements
  • Prepared BI reporting utilized for KPI, chart, and graph presentation materials
  • Set up a more streamlined and timely closing process with all inputs and deliverables in one system/place
  • Decreased manual data gathering and reporting building efforts on all processes, allowing for more time around analysis and review
  • Implemented Close Consolidations and Reporting for one operating company and worked through the implementation for 2 others