Top Trends From Atlassian Team ’22

Eliassen Group joined Valiantys at Atlassian Team ’22, held in Las Vegas and a few interesting trends emerged. Here are Top Trends from Atlassian Team ’22.

On April 5 through April 7, Eliassen Group joined Valiantys at Atlassian Team ’22, held in Las Vegas. It was jarring to go from not having gone to any conferences over the last couple of years to being overwhelmed by dazzling displays of dance, music, and video. In fact, it was easy to forget that you were at a software conference and not a concert! Beyond the slick production, a few interesting trends emerged.

Trends from Atlassian Team ’22

The Balance of Autonomy and Alignment

The balance between team autonomy and alignment drove the opening keynote from Atlassian Founder and co-CEO Scott Farquhar. During the course of this talk, Atlassian announced the new product, Atlas. Atlas connects teams, goals, and reporting and provides a stream of updates for the projects you want to follow in a 240-character format.

Similarly, Compass is the new product Atlassian is delivering to support Agile and DevOps. Compass provides software development teams with the autonomy to choose the tools that are right for them. Atlassian seems to recognize that there is a vast and fast-evolving array of development tools available to development teams. Rather than trying to build all the tools that developers will use, Compass extracts the important information from all kinds of tools, including ones from Atlassian, to provide a management dashboard that reports on custom Key Performance Indicators like Production Readiness and Service Health. View the Agile and DevOps keynote.

Team Anywhere

As an established market leader, Atlassian’s shift to “Team Anywhere” means that they have been able to hire from a deeper talent pool outside of the self-imposed geographical constraints of physical offices. They have embraced the opportunity presented by the pandemic and have made a commitment to making remote work a competitive advantage.

With the war for technology talent only being amplified by the pandemic, Atlassian seems to be focusing their efforts into becoming the tool of choice for knowledge workers working in remote settings.

The Importance of Partnership: Eliassen and Valiantys

Eliassen’s Agile Practice was pleased to join with our partner, Valiantys, at Atlassian Team ’22. As Atlassian continues to expand its lead as the tool of choice for Agile organizations, we believe that the combination of Valiantys’s Atlassian tool implementation services and Eliassen’s Agile management consulting services will help our clients to utilize emerging Agile best practices and maximize the investment that they have made in their Atlassian tools.

We’re also excited that Valiantys was named Atlassian Enterprise Services Partner of the year, and we’re thrilled to work with them on helping companies achieve what Dean MacNeil of Valiantys describes as the “connected enterprise,” which is a state when “people, work, time, and outcomes are connected, from top-level strategy to low-level execution,” resulting in “one cohesive, mission-driven enterprise, with all things connecting to the mission.”

For more on the connected enterprise and our shared Agile at Scale service offerings, we invite you to learn more about our Agile Consulting Services and our partnership with Valiantys.