How to Get the Most Out of SIM Boston

Four Key strategies to make the most out of your time at SIM Boston from Tom Renda, VP of New England at title partner Eliassen Group.  

Are you ready for the SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit at Gillette Stadium on October 25th? This year’s theme centers around “The Evolving Leader” and the agenda is yet again packed with opportunities to explore global trends and learn from experts and peers who are driving breakthrough digital innovation. With just one day to connect with partners, attend workshops, and explore opportunities, it is crucial to have a strategy in place before you go. In this post we explore some key strategies to make the most out of your time at SIM Boston from Tom Renda, VP of New England at title partner Eliassen Group.  

Plan Your Day Strategically  

SIM Boston is a one-day event that will be filled with learning and networking opportunities, including more than 24 presentations, numerous breakouts, and networking opportunities, which makes planning key. Before the conference be sure to review the agenda and attend the presentations and breakout sessions that align most closely with your goals and priorities. Experience the most transformative technologies in action by scheduling meetings with the solution providers you want to meet. By planning ahead you’ll ensure you don’t miss out on any valuable opportunities for learning and connection.  

Take Advantage of Networking Sessions 

SIM Boston presents multiple opportunities to expand your professional circle, gain insights, and foster long term relationships. It’s important to remember that relationships are long-term investments, and it’s not always immediately clear how each party will benefit. However, by nurturing these relationships over time, you open doors to opportunities you may not have anticipated. 

Share Your Story: Everyone’s Got One 

Every person has a unique story and set of experiences to share. Learning from other’s experiences, challenges, and successes, and taking away ideas to try for yourself, is one of the most valuable outcomes of networking. Open yourself to all opportunities to share your story and actively learn from others. Engaging in authentic conversations about your journey can lead to unexpected connections and shared insights. And be sure to attend the two Eliassen Group Customer Mastermind Interview sessions and learn from peers who are leading innovation and the most meaningful outcomes within their organizations.   

Come With an Open Mind 

Attend sessions that challenge your assumptions and seek out discussions that expand your thinking. You never know where your next big breakthrough may come from. Author Daniel Boorstin said, “the greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance—it is the illusion of knowledge.” Acknowledging there is always more to learn, even in your own field of expertise, is how you grow and progress.  


SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit offers a unique opportunity for IT executives to learn, connect, and grow professionally. You already know that leveraging the right people, with the right experience and the right technology drives the most meaningful outcomes for all stakeholders. By taking full advantage of everything SIM Summit Boston has to offer, you can set yourself up for a successful experience during the conference and prepare to incorporate your learnings into operations when you return to the office.