How do you measure your IT department’s performance?

Does your company measure its IT department’s performance with analytics? Read the blog post for some reasons why you should get started.

Does your company measure its IT department’s performance with analytics?

According to a new research study from Continuity Software, 56 percent of the respondents said they do not.

The study was conducted to provide IT executives with an understanding of how operational analytics are used by peer organizations to meet their performance goals. It garnered responses from 90 IT professionals across a wide range of industries and geographies in an online survey.

The key findings were:

  • Over half 57 percent of the large organizations surveyed use analytical tools to measure IT performance, compared to only 29 percent of the small companies surveyed.
  • The Cloud environment lags far behind in terms of monitoring and measurement. Only 14 percent of the organizations surveyed track performance KPIs for their Cloud environment, compared to 49-71 percent in other parts of the IT infrastructure. Similarly, 43 percent of the organizations never analyze configuration consistency in the Cloud, compared to 13-17 percent in other areas of the IT infrastructure.
  • Using analytical tools to measure IT performance helps organizations transform their insights into operational improvements. Of the organizations that are using analytical tools for measuring IT performance, 69 percent are able to transform all or most insights into improvements. That’s compared to 44 percent of the organizations that are not using analytical tools.
  • Frequently tracking configuration consistency across more areas of IT operations correlates to the extent that organizations are able to meet their KPI goals. Fifty three percent of the organizations that track configuration consistency on a daily basis across five to six IT operations areas are meeting or exceeding their goals, compared to 31-33 percent of the organizations that track only up to 4 areas.
  • Survey respondents recognize the importance of better IT measurement and analysis tools. Using better analysis tools is the most commonly cited means for achieving operational excellence, mentioned by 40 percent of the respondents.

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