College Athletics & Your Career

Looking for a competitive environment and to be compensated based on your performance? Check out the Resource Specialist Program at Eliassen Group!

If you are a current or former college athlete, you know that one of the critical keys to success is managing your time wisely and learning how to prioritize your schedule; the balance between your academics and athletics can be tricky to manage but it’s certainly a great introduction to time management that becomes so important when you start down your career path.

Imagine if you could drive your career just as you have done with your college athletics? All that practice and training that pays off huge dividends in your performance on the field can become your “recipe” for career success, as well.

The Eliassen Group Resource Specialist Program empowers you to do exactly that. In the video below, Tech Recruiter Michaela Nejaime shares her insights on the Eliassen Group Resource Specialist program and how the experience has really brought together her athletic mindset with her career path: