Biomarker Use Facilitated by CDISC Standards

Download our whitepaper to learn how biomarker use facilitated by CDISC standards may help achieve more effective treatment outcomes. Get the download here.

It has been known for some time that the “one size fits all” model for prescribing therapy does not benefit all patients. Some people will respond well to a certain medication, whereas others will have a reduced response, if any, and a portion may even experience adverse reactions.

The value of biomarkers to develop patient groups based on clinical response to treatment has been increasingly accepted in both research and healthcare to achieve more effective treatment outcomes. Molecular profiling is especially helpful within the following areas:

  • Increased understanding of diseases at their molecular level
  • Improved insight on the impact of pharmaceuticals on molecular processes

While there have been significant advances in genome sequencing technologies within the last decade, barriers still exist which impede the efficient identification, development and implementation of biomarkers within clinical care and research. Learn how prudent use of CDISC standards may overcome some of these impediments by downloading the paper: Biomarker Use Facilitated by CDISC Standards.