5 Tips for Crafting Job Postings That Stand Out

How do you make your job postings stand out to attract top candidates.

In the past, looking for a job was as easy as skimming the classifieds section of the newspaper while you ate your breakfast.  In our increasingly digital world, the classifieds have been replaced by the online job boards like Indeed, Monster, etc. There are even job boards for specific types of jobs, such as DICE for technology related roles.

There are tens of thousands of jobs posted online every day. How do you make yours stand out?  And how do you make sure you only get worthwhile responses? I have 5 tips that can make sure your posting stands out and gets a higher number of qualified candidates.


Draw Them In

Open with a strong attention grabbing paragraph. You can use this to briefly explain who your company is, what you do, and why this person should be excited to work with you. This can be an easy springboard into what you are looking for. Have fun with these introductions but keep it concise - 4-5 sentences maximum. Ideally, keep it to 3-4 sentences.

Be Specific About What You Want

Work with the hiring manager or team lead to understand the specific requirements for the role. If you need someone with experience in Java and J2EE development technologies, make sure you say that instead of just saying something like “software development experience.” The more specific you are, the fewer resumes of unqualified candidates you will receive. 

Be Firm

Make sure you explain that your requirements are firm. This will prevent the “long-shot applicants” from filling up your inbox. They’re called “requirements” because they are “required” so don’t be afraid to address this.

Avoid Too Much Industry Jargon

“Looking for a PL/Sr. SA with ATS experience.” What? Too many acronyms - way too many. Write things out and if it proves to be too long, then cut back. Be specific about what you want, but at the same time you need to be understandable. Make sure your job posting can be understood by someone who doesn’t already work for you.

Make it Look Nice

Make your posting pleasing to look at; all text should be in the same font in the same size and should be nicely organized. The look of your post is the first impression that a candidate will get so make it count. After all, you wouldn’t show up to your first meeting with the job candidate in a wrinkled outfit with your shirt on backwards, would you? Make sure your post looks neat, is well put together and is easy to read. I recommend using bullet points and breaking it into several sections for readability.

There is a lot of competition out there, but you can make yourself stand out by having exceptional job postings. Keep at it, show off what your company has to offer and make sure the candidate knows what you expect from them. You’ll find that next employee of the month in no time.

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