Increase business value delivery with comprehensive Agile consulting services

Business Agility enables organizations to respond more rapidly and effectively amid a changing and dynamic business environment. As a result of working with us, organizations are faster to market, more responsive to change, better engage their staff, and have improved business outcomes. And they are more effective in managing risk.

Our Agile consultants have decades of experience helping organizations achieve their business outcomes by applying Agile practices.

Empowering Organizations with Sustainable Agile Capabilities

Our goal is to leave you with the tools and practices in place for you to continue to adapt your capabilities and structures.

The business climate in which you operate will continue to evolve and, consequently, you will never finish becoming an adaptive organization.

Agile Consulting Services

Eliassen's systemic approach helps clients determine what to change to achieve their desired results. We then co-create a roadmap to get you there and work side-by-side with you to make your goals a reality using Agile practices.

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Agile Advisory Services

Our Agile Advisory services help uncover where your current organizational capabilities aren't supporting your desired business outcomes and co-create a roadmap to get you where you want to go. We use a combination of workshops, interviews, structured assessments (from AgilityHealth®), observations, and one-on-one pairing to learn where you have gaps. Then, we work with you to prioritize the gaps to tackle first, co-create an improvement roadmap, and guide you through the journey, measuring your success.


Agile Coaching Services

Our expert coaching team collaborates with each tier of your organization, steering the necessary changes in mindset and conduct to achieve your targeted results. Your objectives drive us.

When you enlist our advisory services to progress towards your goals, our coaches are there to enable that strategy. Our coaches will align with your guidance if you direct an ongoing Agile transformation.


Agile Training Services

Our training is designed to advance you towards your business goals. Eliassen Group delivers dynamic and interactive Agile training sessions, public or private, and tailored workshops, including recognized certification courses. We offer an extensive array of Agile courses led by trainers who bring practical experience to the classroom.

Furthermore, we're equipped to supply large-scale, top-tier training solutions seamlessly managed for organizations requiring such services.


Areas of Expertise

We take a pragmatic, holistic approach, helping you apply Agile practices to areas with the most significant potential to impact your business goals. Our capabilities include:

Business Agility, Lean Portfolio Management, and Budgeting
Delivery Agility
Technical Agility and DevOps
Agile Tooling Services