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SAFe® Scrum Master 5.0 (SSM)

Scaled Agile Framework

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Course Overview

2 days

After completion of this course, you will be eligible to take the exam for the SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM) Certification.

SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM) Certification

This highly interactive 2 days course is intended for people new to the role of the Scrum Master or to the role of Scrum Master in SAFe®. The first day focuses on experiencing what SAFe® is through the use of simulations and exercises, while the second day focuses on the Scrum Master’s role in facilitating successful iterations and program increments and coaching the teams to improve and succeed.


For Scrum Masters who want to understand their role, our SAFe® Scrum Master Course provides all the needed information on facilitating team and program events and supporting successful PI execution.

Unlike traditional Scrum Master training, the SAFe® Scrum Master course focuses on how to work with both Scrum and Kanban teams and on how the Scrum Master participates and supports program level events at scale.

Interested participants may include but are not limited to:

  • New or existing Scrum Masters
  • Team Leads
  • Release Train Engineers

Typical Topics and Activities

  • Introducing SAFe®
  • Experiencing SAFe®
  • Facilitating the iteration cycle
  • Supporting effective PI execution
  • Becoming a servant leader and coach

Learning Objectives

After this course, attendees will understand how to:

  • Perform the role of the Scrum Master in SAFe®.
  • Facilitate team ceremonies.
  • Support effective iteration and PI execution.
  • Act as a servant leader and coach.

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