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DevOps Value Stream Workshop


Workshop Overview

2 prep days, 2 days conducting the workshop, 2 follow up support after the workshop


No certification is offered, Continuing Education Credits are available through PMI and Scrum Alliance

DevOps offers the promise of faster time to market with improved quality and security. But many companies do not understand the DevOps approach. They focus on tools and technical practices instead of establishing clear improvement goals and creating a culture of collaborative problem solving. They don’t get the results they were hoping to get. The DevOps Value Stream workshop addresses this challenge by bringing a cross-functional group into a collaborative workshop to focus on the needs of a specific product or group of products.


  • Business stakeholders
  • A key person from the client who has overall responsibility for the session
  • Senior managers
  • Product Owners and Product Managers
  • Knowledgeable staff from each of the organizations involved in the delivery of software

Typical Topics and Activities

  • An initial session with stakeholders to understand the goals, scope and proposed attendees for the workshop
  • Detailed planning of the workshop in collaboration with the client.
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Periodic follow-up after the workshop to support the implementation of the targeted improvements.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop you will have achieved the following outcomes:

  • Goals for the product’s DevOps transformation and the key indicators for measuring success, agreed to by both business and technology groups
  • A picture showing the current value stream with measurements of lead time, cycle time and percent accurate and complete
  • A picture showing the desired future state for the value stream
  • A prioritized backlog of improvements
  • A roadmap for the implementation of those improvements, identifying the roles, responsibilities and process for turning the backlog into action

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DevOps Value Stream Workshop

The DevOps Value Stream workshop brings a cross-functional groups into a collaborative workshop to focus on the needs of a specific product or group of products.

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