Risk Management & Business Optimization

Business leaders, product owners, and operational teams must balance growing their business with mitigating risk and meeting compliance requirements. Not only that, but a highly competitive marketplace requires companies to operate at peak efficiency, not only to succeed, but to survive.

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Risk Management

Companies face a number of threats and challenges. Strategic change and growth can run afoul of regulations and introduce new operational risk. New or expanded regulations and related implementation challenges can hinder expansion and negatively impact operations. Risk and compliance can become costly efforts if not strategically optimized and aligned to business efforts. These challenges are often exacerbated by a limited availability of risk management solutions and the experienced resources needed to scale these efforts.

Eliassen Group understands risk management because we have delivered solutions to address these challenges for many companies across a variety of industries. Our strong network and expertise in providing just the right talent at just the right time has been the cornerstone of our success in delivering results for clients just like you.

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Risk Management Areas of Expertise:

  • Governance and Policy Implementation
  • Regulatory Change Implementation
  • Issue Management and Remediation
  • Risk and Compliance Operational Execution
  • Data and Reporting Optimization
  • Risk and Compliance Technology Implementation
  • Financial Crimes/AML
  • Conduct Risk/Complaint Resolution

Business Optimization

Businesses are operating at the dawn of a new era.
Your company’s processes, systems, and people must operate at peak efficiency in order for you to succeed. But that alone is not enough. Keeping up with competitors means consistently remaining nimble, flexible, and scaling as needed by employing creative solutions to workforce challenges.

We’re here to help.
As your trusted business partner, we will assist you in executing your objectives to ensure you achieve your strategic goals. At Eliassen Group, we’re experts in analyzing, defining, and implementing solutions to solve complex business problems. We help you identify and implement sustained efficiency and quality improvements across your organization.

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Business Optimization Areas of Expertise:

  • Program and Project Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Process and System Documentation
  • Business Systems Analysis and Implementation
  • Workforce Stabilization and Optimization
  • Shared Services Migration/Support
  • Financial Systems Implementation
  • Financial Transformation