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Optimization of the customer experience is everything for the retail sector, with digital transformation across all customer touchpoints and cutting edge mobile technology to meet the lightning pace of consumer demand.

How We Help You

Many retail organizations get mired in ongoing tech support and maintenance efforts rather than focusing their attention on innovation and the high quality customer interactions that are critical in this space to ensure profitability.

Common challenges include:

  • Reactive focus on low-lying technology challenges and maintenance efforts rather than innovation and “continuous improvement.”
  • Lack of collaboration between IT and the business.
  • Lack of baseline knowledge of agile methods across the organization.

Our technology consulting and staffing solutions enable retailers to assess their current state, make the appropriate shift in culture and skills to support the product delivery timeline and deliver high quality solutions to internal and external customers.

Examples of Customer Success

  1. Agile Training & Coaching in the Retail Sector
  2. Assessing Agile Readiness for a Major Retailer