Scaling and Measuring Agile Adoption

As Agile methods have become common, adoption within a single development team is fairly straightforward.

Scaling and measuring Agile methods with multiple teams often proves much more challenging. This session covers the keys to success in scaling and measuring Agile methods beyond a single team.

Key points include:

  • The importance of Agile People, Agile Process, and Agile Tools
  • The need to focus on measuring information which aids in decisions and actions
  • Agile maturity at all levels: individual, team, and organization-wide
  • Self-improvement mechanisms
  • Gaining a true understanding of Agile fundamentals
  • Implementing one-piece-flow

Important elements to measure success including:

  • cycle time
  • story points forecast vs done
  • reduction of hardening time
  • cycle time
  • work in progress
  • Net Promoter Score
  • and profits