Agile For Senior Leaders

This session will cover:

  • An overview of Agile from a leadership perspective
  • The significant potential economic benefits of moving to Agile
  • The role of leadership in building an Agile ecosystem to sustain the Agile adoption

While Agile can produce modest gains in operational efficiency, its primary benefit comes from gains in business value creation. Maximizing business value creation requires changing how business is done.

Some of the specific steps in creating an Agile ecosystem include:

  • Moving from high-volume, infrequent, document-heavy, business and IT interaction to constant interaction
  • Embedding business people directly into the Agile teams
  • Moving from a function-based organization to one organized around Line of Business (LOB) value delivery
  • Switching from all-or-none funding of mega-projects to LOB capacity funding and frequent re-prioritization of micro-projects

Note: versions of this session for an all business leader or all IT leader audience are also available.