Scaling Your Product Delivery

DevOps provides techniques for communication, integration, automation, and close cooperation among all the people and skills needed to design, develop, and maintain a solution that provides value to customers.



Eliassen Group analyzes the development and release environments of our clients and recommends improvements in build, test, and deployment processes. We educate development teams, managers, and operations staff on how DevOps practices can improve software quality and how they can empower development groups to release new software features more frequently. We also suggest ways of leveraging automation tools and cloud services, to help you select the best build, test, and deployment tools for your organization's needs.



To compete in today's market, automated verification is a priority. DevSecOps involves making sure that security is included in your DevOps practices at the outset. Our experts can help you build in validation, not only for quality, but for your security and compliance needs.


DevOps & the Cloud

Whether you are interested in DevOps, DevSecOps, or more, we can help you build your own on-prem solution, or we can architect, build, test, and deploy it for you in the cloud, helping your organization deliver quality products more quickly today.

See DevOps at Work

When faced with challenges supporting their portfolio management team, this leading financial organization turned to Eliassen Group to build out a Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipeline. Through an approach that involved consulting, advisory, training, and technical coaching, the organization reduced its build time from 1.5 days to 15 minutes.

Case Study

How We Help You

Here’s what you can expect from Eliassen Group:

  • Current State Assessment
  • Roadmap and Future State
  • Strategy, Design, and Implementation
  • DevOps Toolsets That Help You Achieve CI/CD
  • Security Verification Built into Your Pipeline
  • DevOps Advisory Services
  • Ongoing Performance Optimization

Hands-On DevOps Implementation

Eliassen Group's team of DevOps architects, technical coaches, and Agile coaches are available to help guide your organization through common challenges to implementation, getting you moving toward more mature DevOps practices in a shorter time period.

A Powerful Blend of Technology and Business

Eliassen Group's Professional Services team members know that the best results come from when Business and Technology teams work together, side by side. With our expertise and collaborative approach, we can help you move to the cloud, optimize finance or operational processes, modernize technologies, or accelerate time-to-market.

Managed Services

From thought leaders and individual professionals to full project teams, we provide customized and scalable solutions to address evolving client needs.

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