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Eliassen Group offers Agile training services, courses, and workshops to all enterprise departments. From introductory courses to ICAgile-accredited learning for certified professionals, we have the perfect resource to support your Agile journey.

Private Courses

Our teams are available for onsite or virtual learning, support, and guidance. Fill out our private training contact form for more information. Not sure what you need? Get a diagnostic checkup to gauge your Agile Maturity and we’ll design your custom program from there.

Public Courses

We offer a wide variety of specialized Agile training courses both in-person and online. Check out our calendar!

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Courses Aligned to Your Needs

Wherever you are in your Agile journey, and whatever your framework, our experienced Agile practitioners can guide you.

Customized Training: Mature Agile Organizations

You are not new to Agile, and your organization has been using Agile for a while. Understanding and practices are inconsistent across the organization, however, and you would like to get greater benefit from Agile, but you need the courses to fit into your existing operating model.

We can customize any of Eliassen’s courses to suit your needs. The most popular courses we’ve customized are:

Committed to Scrum at Scale

If you are committed to Scrum at Scale, try our offering.

Committed Scrum Alliance® Certifications

You want to train Product Owners, Scrum Masters, or Developers and enable them to get the widely recognized certifications from the Scrum Alliance®.

Agile Mastery

These courses are not tied to any scaling framework, and they can be used by any company depending on the situation.

For Scrum Masters and Coaches

You have scrum masters and coaches, but you would like them to become more effective in their roles.

Increasing Speed

You would like to improve your speed or quality of delivery.

Launching or Relaunching a Team

You are launching a team, or would like to relaunch an existing team, improving their overall capabilities and maturity.

Understanding DevOps

You would like a deeper understanding of DevOps and how it can apply in your environment.

While this course is part of the overall Scaled Agile curriculum, it is useful for organizations who are not planning to implement SAFe®.

Technical Practices

Engage in Coding Katas to strengthen your skills.

Launching or Relaunching a Team

Understanding DevOps

While this course is part of the overall Scaled Agile curriculum, it is useful for organizations who are not planning to implement SAFe®.

Training Catalog

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Building a Virtual Platform to Deliver Agile Team Training in the Pandemic Era

Learn how we transformed one of the biggest mutual fund companies in the world with Agile training.

Case Study

Subject Matter Expertise

Check out our blog for extensive information on how to bring Agile to your enterprise.

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A Powerful Blend of Technology and Business

Eliassen Group's Professional Services team members know that the best results come from when Business and Technology teams work together, side by side. With our expertise and collaborative approach, we can help you move to the cloud, optimize finance or operational processes, modernize technologies, or accelerate time-to-market.

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Let our team of Agile experts review your business goals, help you determine where you are on the Agile scale, and provide recommendations on how to take your organization to an advanced level of Agility!

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