In Need of Direct Hire support for your IT staffing organization?

Eliassen does direct hire staffing? I thought they only placed IT and software contractors.

In addition to IT and software contractor recruiting, Eliassen Group successfully places many of our consultants in direct hire IT roles.

As one of the top recruiting firms in the Northeast with rapid expansion throughout the US, Eliassen Group places more IT and software contractors than you may think. We have a line of business that is solely dedicated to finding direct hires for our clients who require technical, software, and application development skilled workers. We understand the reasons that may prompt you to bring in a contract worker may very well not be the same reasons that apply to a direct IT hire.

A direct hire always has to work well in your culture; their soft skills are as critical as their hard skills. They’re part of the team you’re creating that will make your continued success possible. That’s why we make certain we understand you and your work world before we ever suggest a candidate to you. We know your time is scarce. We won’t waste it by sending you IT candidates that are already considering other offers or ones who can’t meet your time frame.

Eliassen Group can work across a broad scope of company types because we have a very personalized, time-proven way of understanding the people we are working for and the people we are bringing to them and why we believe the two are a strong fit. Also, our resume submission-to-hire ratio is below industry averages, which means we don’t waste our clients’ time by sending them unsuitable or unavailable direct hire candidates.

Other companies may see that you have an opening and cold call or email with a candidate they think would be a fit. At first that might seem like a fast, fairly risk free, way to start the process. They might give you a discount on your first hire or use other techniques to get in the door.

But if they don’t know you, what you have on the line with this hire or the pace and personalities on your team then they are almost certainly wasting your time.

We don’t know only half of the equation and then start calling you and sending you resumes. We listen, we learn, we present and then we close the deal for you swiftly and cleanly with the direct hire candidate.

We know the New England market for IT and software professionals inside out after our more than 26 years in the technology staffing business. Ask people in your professional network what they think of us. We’re confident that you’ll like what you hear.

If you have an opening now that you'd like to speak to us about, please give us a call at 1-800-354-2773.

If you aren't ready right now but want to keep us in mind, then we hope you'll bookmark this page and come back when the time is right for you. If the time isn't right for you, then it isn't right for us either.

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