Technology Staffing Services

In a time when technology job demand far outweighs candidate supply for many critical IT positions, working with a highly capable IT staffing company has its advantages.

Eliassen Group has been successfully providing technology staffing, since our inception in 1989. We've developed deep relationships with consultants, many of whom we've placed multiple times over the years. Our network of qualified IT talent is both deep and vast.

The tenure of our recruiting team is also impressive, many of them with 10+ years of experience. That's a real rarity in the technology staffing business and it's an important differentiator. That tenure translates to efficiency and effectiveness, which from your perspective means quickly sourcing high quality candidates.  

We are all about you and your success. It's our job to find the IT talent that meets your needs, and we pride ourselves at exceeding our clients' highest expectations.

We place equal emphasis on servicing our clients and our technical consultants well. On the client side, we make it our business to know your organization and your IT challenges. On the consultant side, we have a devoted Consultant Advocate team ready to handle their every need and concern.

Are you looking to partner with an organization that is completely committed to your success? Is the need to quickly find high quality IT talent a concern of yours?

Contract Technology Staffing

Contract talent for IT projects

Eliassen Group excels at staffing our IT recruitment organization with career recruiters who attract and maintain relationships with talented technical professionals for contract staffing and long-term IT projects.

Our expert technical recruiters proactively recruit technical professionals nationwide. We apply our Recruiting Methodology to prescreen candidates and then add them to our active database. Additionally, we work to ensure that the skilled professionals we place in your organization will work well with your team and fit smoothly into your organizational culture.

Our seasoned recruiters specialize in finding technical consultants with skill sets like these so we can offer our clients the expertise they need in hard-to-find categories, such as:

  • Application Development
  • Business Intelligence/Reporting
  • Database
  • Data Warehousing
  • Mainframe
  • Network/Infrastructure
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Statistical Programming
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Technical Training/Support
  • Web Development/Design


Contract-to-Hire Recruiting

Eliassen Group considers it the ultimate compliment in our ability to find the right IT consultants for our clients when our consultants are offered and accept permanent positions at the end of a contract assignment. We work to introduce the right technical specialist to each of our clients' projects and when the client creates a permanent position in their organization for an Eliassen Group consultant, we have done our job well. To enable our clients to offer our consultants employment beyond the contract, we work with each client to determine the best arrangement for all parties with our IT recruiting process quality management.

Companies that prefer contract-to-hire recruiting want to ensure the candidate is a great fit for their company and their culture. The candidate may also want to try out the company to be certain it is a good opportunity for them. Companies that need to get a longer-term project off the ground from a budget or project scope perspective may choose to begin with a contract-to-hire option, postponing adding a critical person to the company's personnel until the project is underway. Contract-to-hire recruiting offers a mutually beneficial flexible staffing solution for both the hiring manager and the candidate.

"I sincerely appreciate Eliassen's continued support, never-give-up attitude, high professional ethics, perseverance, follow up and care."