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Eliassen Group Big Data Services 

Understanding Big Data means knowing how to best capture, retrieve and analyze the massive amounts of data that all businesses need to effectively compete in today’s economy. With many companies today dealing with terabytes and even petabytes of data, conventional storage and retrieval methods no longer work, as they can’t handle the Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity demands being driven by Big Data.

Whether you maintain your IT infrastructure “On Premise”, “Co-Locate” it elsewhere, or park it “In The Cloud”, your needs don’t change, related to analyzing and interpreting your data, and transforming it into segments of business intelligence that can be used to drive business value, improve market share, or better understand consumer spending patterns.

Whether its assessing your current technical starting point, educating your business and IT leaders on the benefits of Big Data, designing and implementing a Proof of Concept, finding talented resources with the appropriate skills, or moving forward with a full blow Big Data implementation, partnering with Eliassen Group Big Data recruiters will quickly get you on the right track to success! 

At Eliassen Group, we‘re pragmatic. We work with our clients to identify the best starting point that fit their circumstances.  We identify early “wins” that build momentum. We focus on identifying, developing, and delivering business value for internal and external customers. We supply talent, as much or as little as needed, to complement your existing team, rapidly adopt Big Data “best practices”, and develop, support and maintain your Big Data environments. 

Eliassen Group’s Big Data Difference

With hundreds of new companies jumping into the “Big Data pool”, how do you begin to determine which Interoperable solutions, SaaS offerings, Data Management Tool providers, Data Integration specialists and Business Intelligence Tools are the right ones for you? Further, how do you determine your starting point and how much work is required to attain Big Data sustainability? Should your Big Data solution be On Premise, Co-Located or parked In The Cloud? At Eliassen Group, we can help you to properly answer all of these questions and more. Partnering with us will help you to find the right Big Data solution for your environment. Our highly skilled team will guide you through the design and implementation of a Big Data transformation that leverages your assets and empowers and supports decision-making through the effective use of complex analytics and business intelligence tools that “mine the golden nuggets” from your massive amounts of data! 

We take a pragmatic approach

By helping our clients determine their Big Data starting point, we will conduct an assessment of your current data storage, retention and retrieval methods, data warehouse utilization, report capabilities, technology platforms and infrastructure and use of business intelligence and analytical tools. The assessment will recommend the best starting point for you to take advantage of Big Data technology.

We draw from a rapidly expanding pool of talent

Including a network of highly trained and experienced Big Data experts, all of whom have practical experience working with the rapidly expanding list of data management and solutions providers out there, whether Hadoop, Tableau, mongoDB, Cloudera, Apache Hbase or one of many others.

We educate the entire enterprise

Let's face it, getting your arms around Big Data isn't easy, as it can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. We will take this very complex, seemingly amorphous phrase and articulate it into a practical, meaningful one that helps everyone at all levels understand how it can be used to drive real business value, whether top management, marketing, product management, human resources, or IT.

We guide complete Big Data transformations

From assessment to Proof of Concept to Production Ready, we’ll design the entire blueprint and work directly in collaboration with your existing team to move through the various stages of adoption to attain production readiness.

We focus on business value

It's all about extracting and understanding those “golden nuggets” of information that will better inform you of consumer interests, buying patterns, behaviors, etc.

Eliassen Group Big Data Consulting Quick Facts:

  • Our experts have worked with many of the most commonly deployed Big Data solutions, whether On Premise, Co-Located, or parked "In The Cloud".
  • Eliassen Group invests continuously in enhancing the skills of their Big Data recruiters and maintains online communities where best practices and knowledge can be shared.
  • Borrowing a “best practice” from our Agile Group, our Whole Team Training can educate dozens on the fundamentals of Big Data in one session.
  • Eliassen Group’s Proof Of Concept approach allows an organization to rapidly launch a Big Data environment, such as a 10 node Hadoop cluster, to quickly ascertain the value of leveraging Big Data.