Functional Training
Product Owner


Eliassen Group’s Product Owner training provides an in-depth look at the role and interactions of the Product Owner working in a Scrum Team. The Product Owner embodies the interests of the stakeholders in the Scrum Team. And works to ensure constant and clear communication from stakeholders and customers through to the Scrum team and ensures all requirements are met. The Product Owner also prioritizes the requirements from the point of view of an end user, for maximum business benefit, defines the Acceptance Criteria, and ensures those criteria are met.

Duration: 1 Day


  • Product Owner
  • Product Manager
  • Scrum Team Members

Typical Topics Covered

  • Develop a clear project outline that encourages and motivates your Scrum team
  • Define the product backlog and transform epics and themes into actionable user stories
  • Apply a systematic approach for prioritizing items in the product backlog
  • Gain a clear picture of individual roles, responsibilities and how they interact with each team member
  • Develop techniques for User Story creation, Planning and Roadmapping

Course Outline

  • What is Agile?
    • Agile Manifesto
    • Agile Characteristics
    • Agile Benefits
  • Waterfall vs Agile Overview
  • The Lean Startup Model
  • Scrum Overview
    • Scrum Authority
    • Scrum Roles
  • Agile Project Management
  • Product Manager and Product Owner
    • Interaction Patterns
  • Product Owner Guidelines
  • Product Owner Responsibilities
  • Regular Activities of the Product Owner
  • Decision Making Changes
  • User Stories
  • Ongoing Planning
  • Where Agile Primarily Influences Product Management
  • Typical Activities of the Product Manager
  • Agile Roadmapping
  • Who are your Users?
  • Segmentation
  • User Story Splitting
  • Story Splitting Techniques
  • Backlog Creation
  • Planning
  • Preparation for Release Planning

Functional Training

Scrum Master

This workshop provides role-specific Scrum Master training that supplements the typical 2-day introduction to Scrum such as the “Agile Whole Team Training” course. After a 2-day Agile course, you’ll be familiar with what Scrum and Agile are. This workshop gives you a leg up on how to be a great Scrum Master. The workshop primarily consists of hands-on group activities, with more than 20 in all. After this workshop you will be better prepared to support and help to create a high performing Agile Team.

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Product Owner

This course provides training specific to the role of Product Owner. This 1-day course focuses specifically on this role, allowing for a greater understanding of the abilities required to deliver the Product, with insight into Product Management in an Agile space and the facilitation skills required of a Product Owner, attendees will learn a wide swathe of skills based upon experiential learning.

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User Story

The workshop will cover a variety of methods for splitting user stories including, use case based, constraint based, timeboxing, and multiple levels of utility. Additional topics include: ordering the backlog of user stories, linking user stories to specification and design documents, user story and backlog grooming, and the creation of research stories.

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This session will introduce Kanban, show how the Lean practice of “One Piece Flow” is the key to both, and get into the nuts and bolts of specific practices and concepts from Kanban. Along the way we will also see how this can significantly improve economic outcomes and employee satisfaction. The most successful multi-team programs gravitate towards many practices and principles associated with Kanban. You can accelerate that process by learning from the experiences of companies with very large multi-team Agile programs that have implemented Kanban.

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