Cash In On Your Contacts!

Reward yourself by referring your network!

Chances are you’ve worked with some great sales and/or recruiting professionals in the past. Why not be rewarded for surrounding yourself with extraordinarily talented people?

Our thriving referral program is literally one of the best in the business!

How does the referral bonus work?

Simply provide us with the name and contact information of someone you have worked with in either the IT, Creative, Life Sciences, Biometric Data or Workforce Management industries. We'll contact them directly in hopes of finding a career match for them here at Eliassen Group.

What will you receive?

$1,000 for EVERY referral that leads to us successfully filling an internal position. IT'S THAT SIMPLE...and there's no limit to how many referral dollars from Eliassen Group you can receive. To qualify, you must refer a candidate we have not spoken with in the last 6 months – if we hire them – you'll be eligible for a referral check of $1,000 once they complete 250 billable hours of work at Eliassen Group.

Who do you know?

Get a jump start on earning your $1,000 – or more!  Tap into those networks…you’ll be glad you did!