What Sets Us Apart

Achieving World Class NPS Status At Eliassen Group

What Sets Us Apart From The Crowd

  • Eliassen Group is achieving World Class NPS status in 2017 with a score of 76%.
  • Eliassen Group is proud to have received Inavero’s 2017 Best of Staffing Talent Award.
  • Eliassen Group’s Consultant Advocate Program ensures that consultants have dedicated resources to quickly address any questions or concerns.

What Does This Mean For You

We know that finding great talent to meet your business objectives requires comprehensive planning that provides you with a strong stable of skilled professionals, and then ensuring those talented individuals have access to a top notch recruiting staff to assist them along the way.

As a consultant, you rely on us to ensure that your career stays on the right path. So it’s our job to ensure that you find the best position within the right organization. Your success matters most!

Eliassen Group World Class NPS Status


Best of Staffing Winner NPS Average


Staffing Industry NPS Average


Over 750 surveys from our consultants

9.2 Avg score out of 10

Less than 5% Detractors

Consultant Testimonials

“Eliassen Group truly cares about the career growth of their employees, and making the perfect job match for the candidate. Communication is prompt and clear. There's no doubt that Eliassen Group is the cream of the crop, the best of the best!”

“Eliassen Group has been the best experience I've had as a contractor. The staff is top notch and I would love to continue the relationship.”

“Most contractor/recruiter relationships are generally centered around contract start and end dates. My recruiter has shown me that Eliassen Group is different. She represents how much Eliassen values their contractors, not as tools, but as investments. I hold Eliassen Group in high regard due to my interactions with her.”